Meet Millennial Fuel

It’s hard to stand out ┬áin a world where you are constantly surrounded by “entrepreneurs,” self-proclaimed or not they are everywhere on television, in every list on Forbes, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and at just about every gala for the wealthy. Just entering the workforce, I dream of the day when I am ultimately known at a successful entrepreneur and social media expert. Sometimes I think I know it all when it comes to my passion, other times I’m in a #TwitterChat and realize “WOW! I’ve sure got a lot to learn.”

Aside from that, I’ve already been studying social media marketing and web marketing for the past four years. After all of this compiling and figuring out how to utilize it, I’ve landed by first two national brands who have entrusted solely me with making something magical happen for them through online marketing and social media marketing.

So here I am starting to compile all of that information I’ve learned into something meaningful for those that are just getting started or have been in this industry for years (everyone needs a Millennial on their side).

Never thought I would be the one stuck in front of my computer and phone in hand 18 hours a day. Not because I have to, but because I love it. I sure am an Internet addict. I hope all of you find my posts and resources worthwhile. I have spend a lot of long nights awake with racing thoughts about my passion, now I got my big girl panties on, coffee in one hand, iPhone in the other, bootstraps pulled up and guns a’ blazin’ people! Watch out, I’ll be running the world one day….don’t EVER forget that!

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The early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse always gets the cheese